Movement Waves

Photo by Vasiliki Bougioukou

Movement Waves

Movement Waves is a workshop of structured improvisational movement and stretching. By following instructions we move with different qualities, speeds and energy. Taking inspiration from the environment and the group, and strength from the breathing and internal energy of the body, we create together a dance which focuses on the here and now.

Building on our revitalization, our senses and their contact with the natural environment, this workshop aims to free us from psychosomatic limitations and a give a chance for creative expression. An open space of exploration where, through instructions, everyone is free to follow their own pathway.

Movement waves is for any ability and age, takes place mainly in an open environment such like the sea but also in closed places, and can be accompanied by music, or just the natural sounds!

“Freeing, joyful, relaxing, peaceful, air, breath, summer”

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