Energy and Flow

Photo by Valeria Famularo

Energy and Flow

In the ‘Energy and Flow’ class we will start by discovering and developing our personal way of moving through improvisation and guided tasks and will then move onto set choreographic material based on floor work technique. We will work towards awaking body connections in order to play with the quantity and quality of our energy to find the flow in our movement. We will practice body totality, presence as well as developing our strength.

This workshop challenges the physicality of the body, as well as the exploration of rhythms and speed. We aim to find efficiency in movement, especially in moving in and out of the earth, clarity and details.

Expression and creativity are key points in our work, as well as the connection with the group and the ideas of self and togetherness. And most of all, in this workshop we want to rediscover one of the most amazing things: the joy and passion of dance itself! 

Energy and Flow has been taught in places like : Laban, Rambert dance, Tripspace, The Place, National Dance Company of Wales, Athens Dance Cultural Centre and others.


“Vivian’s classes I have come back to time and time again for the smiling faces, uplifting motivation, and pure joy of movement. Even in times when you feel drained and run down from a long day, these classes pick you right back up again”

Sophie Page – Class participant and collaborator